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See inside how things work

See inside
See inside how things work

  • An amazing flap book packed with inventions, machines, gadgets and devices, and facts and information about how they work.
  • Over 90 flaps reveal the insides of car engines, toilets, escalators, submarines and microwaves and many, many other machines.
  • Includes internet links to websites with animations, games and experiments.
“A hands-on science lesson!”
Lancashire Evening Post


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Extra information

Age: 6+

ISBN: 9780746098516
16 pages
276 x 216mm

Author/Editor: Conrad Mason

Illustrator: Colin King

Press reviews

From simple machines (cogs, pulleys, levers) to planes, vehicles and microwaves, How things work reveals the science behind how things work and offers 90 flaps to lift and fantastic, detailed illustrations.
This is a thoroughly modern information book: highly visual, interactive and linked to websites. In each example the main picture shows the external structure and you lift the flap for an explanation of how the machine works. The copious yet clear annotation shows young readers the importance of the verbal as well as the visual in texts that explain...deserves a place on the Primary school science shelf.
Books for Keeps
A big bright book with robust pages. Familiar objects, from domestic to industrial, are described on every page and then you lift the flap to find out how they work. So, look inside the piano to see the hammer action, lift the flap on the loo to see how ballcocks work. Check out zips and ballpoint pens. Large machines, like excavators, have more than one flap and a lot of information is packed into small spaces. A book to talk about and maybe follow up on the related website.
These days youngsters don't want to just hear about the mechanics of life, they want to see for themselves exactly what makes our world tick...So Usborne have come up with the perfect answer ... a beautifully designed and illustrated book with over 90 flaps to lift and make exciting discoveries. How Things Work is literally a hands-on science lesson!

Lancashire Evening Post

Reader reviews

Fantastic book for introduction to Engineering
My 5 year old curious daughter loves this book. Simple language but with key vocabulary. Loads of opportunity for discussion and exploration. This is a favourite for bed time reading and long car journeys as there's so much in it. Highly recommend for an child curious about the world.

Angela Burke, 8th August 2017


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