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See inside the world of dinosaurs

See inside
See inside the world of dinosaurs

  • A fabulous flap book with over 50 flaps to lift, offering a glimpse into the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs.
  • Stunning illustrations show how dinosaurs lived, hunted and how they died out.
  • Flaps reveal extra facts, information and surprises.


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Extra information

Age: 8+

ISBN: 9780746071588
16 pages
276 x 216mm

Illustrator: Peter Scott

Alex Frith

Alex Frith has been a children's author for more than a decade, covering every topic on Earth, from prehistoric animals to robots with artificial intelligence, and everything under the Sun, from the origins of the Universe to the adventures of Thor, God of Thunder. At home he reads too many comics, and attempts to raise three children with an awful lot of help from his wife, and no help at all from his cat.

Alex Frith

Press reviews

The See Inside Usborne is a brilliant series. This book is both informative and engaging. It starts by looking at early life in the sea, and finishes with how 'dinosaur hunters' attempt to uncover fossils nowadays.
Toppsta Reader Review

Reader reviews

My daughter loves dinosaurs and was thrilled with this book, it was the first of her ever growing collection of the See Inside flap books, we love them all xx

sarah stansfield, 22nd January 2010
see inside DINOSAURS
I've just bought this book for my dino-mad 4 1/2 year old. its the kind of book that will grow with my child; brilliant, lovely pictures easy to understand text and best of all excellent layout. I particularly like the fact that it starts in a "museum" and ends with a fossil "hunt". We'll have years of fun exploring and discovering!!!!

A.Hatch, 13th November 2008


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