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Tudors and Stuarts

Tudors and Stuarts

History of Britain
Tudors and Stuarts

  • From battles and beheadings, to plots and plague, this book tells the story of life in Britain under the Tudors and Stuarts.
  • Full of intriguing facts, illustrations, detailed reconstructions, paintings and maps.
  • Includes links to websites to find out more information via the Usborne Quicklinks Website.


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Extra information

Age: 8+

ISBN: 9781409555520
64 pages
230 x 165mm

Author/Editor: Fiona Patchett et al.

Illustrator: Ian McNee

Press reviews

An excellent overview of the period... the narrative style makes the book easy and interesting to read and the layout and design are exceptional.
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Reader reviews

Brilliant Book!!!
This book is really brilliant. It would be really helpful if you are doing a project on the Tudors or Stuarts because it includes lots of information. This book might not be suitable for children under 7 years old.

Emily, 8th September 2014
I love this book!!!!!!
This book helped me when I was learning about the Tudors and I was the only person who knew about the tudors the most. It also helped me when we did a letter as Anne Boleyn. Thanks Usborne for being a historical pal!!!!!.

Azma Faisal, 11th December 2008


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