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Beauties and the Books

I love what I do! I've been with Usborne for 4 years now and still every time the delivery man shows up with more books my whole family stops everything to look at the new books. I love that I can build my business with young children at home. Getting out a few nights a month to do a home show is just a bonus. My husband loves the extra money I'm able to make!

My team is what keeps me going. What a great bunch of ladies! I have so many different ladies who have started with Usborne for so many different reasons. Some have come for just a season, other have been with Usborne almost as long as I have. Some do an Open House every 6 months and some do a party every week. Some are stay-at-home Moms, some work part or full time and some are doing Usborne so that they can be a stay-at-home Mom. Everyone is different but each one has become a friend to me.

Pictured above is myself and one of my girls, Jenn Taggart, at Convention in Toronto January 2010. We are with Peter Usborne, Jenny Tyler (Usborne Chief Editor), and Ron Charlesworth (Usborne Canada President). Oh yes, I can't forget about 3 month old Alexa with Jenny. What business do I get to take my baby with me!

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Join my team

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