Make money with Usborne

Enjoy a "no limits" earnings opportunity.

Build a home-based business selling over 2,000 Usborne books to families, schools, day-cares and pre-school organisations, and other community groups.

Unlimited earnings potential

Join todayThere are over 350,000 new babies born in the Canada every year. More than 1,700,000 families have at least one preschool child, and another 4,000,000 children in the primary and intermediate grades..

Which means the potential for you to earn a substantial income selling Usborne books is massive!

You can sell Usborne books wherever you choose:

  • Home Shows and events
  • Markets, fairs and county shows
  • Toddler groups, day cares and home educators
  • Preschools, schools and educational establishments
  • Literacy organisations and community groups

Your business, your success!

Your business is flexible; you decide when and how much
you work and you can even take your children with you.

There are no targets to meet and your business can be as
big as you want - and so can your earnings!


As a Consultant you earn 20-27% commission on everything you sell from day one. And as your business grows, so does your commission.

Consultant benefits

The popular QuickStart program and easy-to-achieve Silver-Gold-Platinum level system makes it easy for you, as a new Consultant, to acquire hundreds of dollars of books for your sample kit in no time.

Build your business even faster by achieving Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and receive even more books FOR FREE!

Here’s how it works: during your first 12 weeks of business when you sell $1,000 you can choose $50 worth of FREE BOOKS. Sell another $1,000 and choose another $100 worth of FREE BOOKS… another $1,000 in sales will earn you still another $100 in FREE BOOKS! That’s another $350 in FREE BOOKS!

Earn even more!

Leadership Opportunities

Build your team and increase your income - you succeed by helping others succeed. When you recruit new Consultants you become their sponsor and this means you have the opportunity to earn even more money.
The Team Leader and Supervisor Marketing Programs allow you to increase income dramatically:

Team Leader - Start building your team and get paid too! Sponsor (recruit) two Consultants and earn 2% of their sales. Sponsor three Consultants and earn 3% of their sales. Sponsor four or more Consultants and earn 4% of their sales.

Supervisor - Further develop your leadership skills and earn an additional 7% on your own sales and on your entire team’s sales as well.

  • Sponsor a minimum of 5 active recruits, you can qualify to become a Supervisor and earn an additional 7% commission (override) on your personal retail sales, your recruits’ personal retail sales and their recruits’ personal retail sales, while they are active in your group (team).
  • You can earn 5% commission (override) on the retail sales of all your first level breakaway groups (Consultants in your team who have their own group). You can have an unlimited number of first level groups.
  • You can earn 5% commission on the retail sales of all your second level breakaway groups (Consultants in your first level teams who have their own group). You can have an unlimited number of second level groups.You can earn 3% commission on the retail sales of all your third level breakaway recruits (Consultants in your second level teams who have their own group). You can have an unlimited number of third level groups.

Team Leaders and Supervisors receive override payment monthly, calculated as a percentage of their group sales. There are no territories within the boundaries of Canada, so you can build a team anywhere and everywhere!

Unlimited earnings opportunity

As well as promoting to Team Leader and Supervisor status, Usborne Books at Home makes it easy for you to promote even higher, to Senior Supervisor, Executive Supervisor, Sales Director and Executive Sales Director level.

Your earnings will increase, there are extra bonuses and you receive company business building tools such as PDAs, laptop computers, and even a company sponsored minivan or SUV.

Read my story and see how I have tailored a successful business to suit my lifestyle or contact me for more information.

Join my team today and start earning from day one.

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