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Kari Lynn Dundass

Kari Lynn Dundass, Independent Usborne Consultant

Human body sticker book

Human body sticker book

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Human body sticker book

  • A fascinating introduction to the human body that answers key biology questions such as ‘What is blood for?’, ‘What do muscles look like?’ and ‘How many bones does a body have?’.
  • Each page covers a different topic such as the skeleton, muscles, circulation, the digestive system, cells and more, with anatomical-style illustrations and colour photographs.
  • With over 130 stickers of organs, bones, x-rays, scans and cells to help children learn about the human body and how it works.


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Extra information

Age: 7+

ISBN: 9781474903691
32 pages + 8 pages stickers
305 x 238mm

Illustrator: Ian McNee, Adam Larkum

Alex Frith

Alex Frith has been a children's author for more than a decade, covering every topic on Earth, from prehistoric animals to robots with artificial intelligence, and everything under the Sun, from the origins of the Universe to the adventures of Thor, God of Thunder. At home he reads too many comics, and attempts to raise three children with an awful lot of help from his wife, and no help at all from his cat.

Alex Frith

Press reviews

A fascinating, fun and interactive science lesson.
Lancaster Guardian


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