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Kari Lynn Dundass

Kari Lynn Dundass, Independent Usborne Consultant

Sticker dressing pirates and long ago

Sticker dressing pirates and long ago

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Sticker dressing pirates and long ago

  • Hours of sticker fun with over 350 stickers showing what different characters wore long ago – from fierce pirates, to ancient Egyptians, Viking warriors and cowboys.
  • Packed with historically accurate costumes and fun extras including weapons, food and pets.
  • Includes fascinating details on how they really lived, from Viking pirates in the first century, to samurais in Japan in the 1800s.
  • This book contains the following titles, which are also published as separate Sticker Dressing books: Pirates and Long Ago.


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Extra information

Age: 5+

ISBN: 9781409554639
48 pages + 20 pages stickers
305 x 238mm

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