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Kari Lynn Dundass

Kari Lynn Dundass, Independent Usborne Consultant

Sticker Dressing Romans

Sticker Dressing Romans

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Sticker Dressing Romans

  • An action-packed sticker book full of ancient Roman gladiators, chariot racers, politicians, soldiers and schoolchildren to dress in historically accurate clothing.
  • Each page includes fascinating facts about life in ancient Rome, from dramatic plays in the town forum to a meeting in the Senate and a Roman feast.
  • With over 180 stickers of togas, armour, sandals and headdresses to dress the Romans.
  • Written in conjunction with an expert on Ancient Roman history.
“A fantastic new title in the sticker book series for boys...children five and up will enjoy creating these colourful Roman scenes.”
Family Interest magazine


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Extra information

Age: 5+

ISBN: 9781409508076
24 pages + 10 pages of stickers
305 x 238mm

Author/Editor: Louie Stowell

Illustrator: Jean-Sebastien Deheeger

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