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Kari Lynn Dundass

Kari Lynn Dundass, Independent Usborne Consultant

Sticker Dressing Knights

Sticker Dressing Knights

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Sticker Dressing Knights

  • A colourful sticker book with 13 medieval scenes and over 200 stickers to dress the knights in armour or jousting gear and arm them with shields, swords and lances.
  • Scenes include the Crusades, Arab warriors, a castle siege, knights in training and a fantastic feast.
  • Written with the help of experts, every detail is historically accurate with fascinating facts about weapons, armour and the life of a knight in medieval times.


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Extra information

Age: 5+

ISBN: 9781409508069
24 pages + 10 pages stickers
305 x 228mm

Author/Editor: Kate Davies

Illustrator: Jean-Sebastien Deheeger

Reader reviews

super book
I like this book because you can learn a lot from it. However, it was a bit gruesome in some parts!

Emily, 20th February 2014

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