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Hold an Usborne event with me and get FREE books for your family, school or any children's organization.

Whatever the occasion, I will tailor the event to suit your needs, and arrange everything, so you don't have to.

Usborne books
Free books

Host an Usborne home book party and enjoy a fun, entertaining get-together with friends and neighbours when I bring the bookstore to you! Check out the benefits:

  • Birds10-12% in FREE books - when the total party sales value is $200.

  • Booking Bonuses! $20 of books for just $6 for you, my valued hostess, for every home show booked from yours*


  • even more Booking Bonuses! $20 of books for just $6 for each of your guests who holds a home show booked from yours*

  • MORE FREE books - when the total party sales value is $300 or over, plus at least one booking*, you can choose a bonus book!

  • HALF-PRICED books - for you and your guests with every purchase of $50 or more. details

* For these bonuses, the booked shows must be held within 28 days from yours.

Hold a school book fair, sponsored read-a-thon or something similar and your organization or school could benefit from:

  • Up to 25% in FREE books!
  • Free shipping

When you order through me, you will also be eligible for special offers and great discounts.

Holding an Usborne event is easy

Caterpillar with applesI will do all the work for you. Here are some things I can do:

  • I can supply leaflets, brochures and other promotional material in advance and can advertise your event on this site.

  • I can attend the event with a selection of titles for you and your guests to browse and enjoy.

  • I will handle all order details and payments, and calculate the value of your free and/or discounted books.

  • You may be eligible for FREE DELIVERY*.

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ElephantIf you have any further questions about how you or your organisation can benefit from free Usborne books or about holding an event, contact me now for more details.

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