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Spotter's Guides: Horses and ponies

  • Usborne Spotters Guides are perfect companions for enthusiasts of the natural world.
  • Each title includes detailed full-colour illustrations, plus short descriptions and essential details.
  • Internet links to recommended websites to find out more about each subject.
  • A classic Usborne series reissued using the latest reproduction technology for accuracy of colour and detail.
  • Perfect for both children and adults and incredible value for money.
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64 pages


190 x 115mm


Joanna Spector

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Pages 52-53 [185Kb]


Reader reviews

Horses & Ponies

I found that this book is great! I have a pony, my sister has a pony, & my mum has a horse, & this book provides all the information you'll need to know about Horses & ponies! But having horses/ponies isn't all riding, fun & games! sometimes you have to do real hard work! for example.. when your horse gets Laminitis! I would recommend reading this!

Millie, 22 April 2009

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