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Hi - I'm Carol and I live in Calgary, Alberta, with my husband and adult kids plus 6 cats and a changing cast of foster kittens.  I've been selling Usborne books for 23 years now, and still love it as much as the day I started.  Back then it was pretty difficult to find Usborne in the stores, so I actually wrote to the address on the back of one of my books (no email back then!).  I had taken time off from my career while my kids were small and when I discovered Usborne had just started a direct marketing division in Canada I thought I'd sign up and sell until I had built a great library for my kids and then go back to full-time teaching.  Obviously that didn't happen - I discovered that I just loved talking about and sharing my love for books, and i also loved being my own boss and being around for my kids, so the rest is history!

I found that my teaching background has helped me in other ways - I have built the largest and most successful team in Canada, and i very much enjoy training and supporting them and helping them to share in my success.  I appreciate that the company culture doesn't encourage power selling and doesn't set oppressive monthly targets, but rather offers incentives to reward you if you're working effectively.  I always exceed targets anyway, but I do so because I have chosen to and not because someone else says I have to, and along the way it's turned into a career I can be proud of.

If you're a book lover, why not give the business a try and join me in my dream job - I'd love to help you realise some of your own dreams!

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