WEEK SIX WINNER - Megan Trethewey

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Carol Cooper, Independent Usborne Consultant

WEEK SIX WINNER - Megan Trethewey

13th August 2019

Meet the winner of the random draw made from the entries made in the sixth week of our Favourite book contest - All Summer Long!

WEEK SIX WINNER - Megan Trethewey
"Thank you so very much for picking me. We are extremely excited! My daughter's name is Quinn Trethewey. She was 9 years old YESTERDAY! 

"Her favourite Usborne book is the twitches series; specifically the Twitches Bake a cake volume.  Quinn was so excited to read these series. She just couldn’t get enough. She joined a book club reading all 3 this summer and just flew through them, because they were so good. 

"We love Usborne books because the quality of the books is just so nice and they last. The pictures are beautiful. They are very educational and the kids have learned so much from them all. We have purchased so many over the last little while. Quinn just loves reading so so much! She spends many hours behind her books."

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