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Brandy Burge, Independent Usborne Consultant

How much can I earn

How much can I earn?

Depending on whether you are selling at home shows or community events (or taking direct orders) you can earn up to $27 for every $100 sold. Additionally, as your sales grow (and if you start to build a team) you will be eligible for bonuses and extra commissions, which start to add up pretty quickly.

Incentives for success

In addition to your earnings, Usborne Books at Home offers a variety of incentives to encourage you to continue to build your business and earn more money. These range from financial bonuses to President's luncheons, luxury events, overnight stays and once-in-a-lifetime trips around the world.

Build your business

If you’re ambitious and want to secure a full-time income, there is the potential for you to earn more money by becoming an Usborne Supervisor. I would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

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