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What's physics all about?

What's science all about?
What's physics all about?

  • Covers all the main topics including forces, electricity, magnetism and astronomy - all illustrated with humorous drawings, cartoons and diagrams.
  • Includes simple experiments and internet links to recommended websites to find out more.

Discover why things fall to the ground, how sound travels through walls and how many wonderful inventions exist thanks to physics in this lively, informative guide exploring what physics is, how it works and why it is vital to everyday life.


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Extra information

Age: 11+

ISBN: 9781409566373
96 pages
230 x 165mm

Author/Editor: Kate Davies

Illustrator: Adam Larkum

Reader reviews

What's physics all about?
This book is a fun, interesting way of delving deeper into physics. Its funny pictures and interesting facts make it an easy book to read, and I’d learnt so much by the end of it I didn’t know before! Not only does it tell you about the history of physics and how it works, it also tells you how physics is around in our modern lives today. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend it to any budding scientists out there!

Elizabeth (aged 13), 17th March 2014


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