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Illustrated dictionary of physics

Illustrated dictionaries and thesauruses
Illustrated dictionary of physics

  • An essential reference book which explores key concepts and basic ideas of physics, all clearly explained with simple text, colourful pictures and diagrams.
  • Topics are arranged by theme and include atoms and molecules, heat, electricity and magneticism, radioactivity and forces.
  • With internet links to educational websites for further learning.


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Extra information

Age: 11+

ISBN: 9781409531647
128 pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: Corinne Stockley

Reader reviews

Illustrated Dictionary Of Physics
My name is Apollonia and I am 14. I just did my SATs this year and this book helped me study for my science exam. It was really helpful and it increased my understanding much better than other books. I am glad that I used this book because it helped me reach my target level which was level 5 and I managed to achieve a level 6. I would recommend this book to all pupils in secondary school.

Apollonia Koukios, 20th August 2009


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