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Third big maze book

Maze books
Third big maze book

  • Over 50 colourful and exciting mazes for children to explore as they dodge aliens, lead lost explorers home and smuggle pirate plunder from a ship.
  • Many of the mazes contain extra puzzles to solve and challenges to complete along the way, and the mazes get gradually more and more difficult throughout the book.
  • Great for dipping into, and a fun way to improve children’s problem-solving and visual recognition skills.


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Extra information

Age: 5+

ISBN: 9781409581338
64 pages
305 x 248mm

Kirsteen Robson

Kirsteen has been at Usborne since 1997, coming from a background in music, education, and religious publishing. In that time, she has written and edited over 300 titles, ranging from board books and flashcards to dictionaries and encyclopedias, on themes as diverse as chess, vampires, gerbils and microscopes. Most recently she has been busy writing practice, puzzle, sticker and activity books to engage, entertain and educate children at all ages and stages.

Kirsteen Robson

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