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  • What do sharks like to eat? Which shark glows in the dark? And why do some sharks never stop swimming?
  • Young readers can find the answers to these questions and lots more fun facts in this shark-infested book.
  • Part of an exciting series for children beginning to read on their own, with easy-to-read text written with the help of a reading expert.
  • Includes links to carefully selected websites where children can watch video clips of sharks and find out more.


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Extra information

Age: 4+

ISBN: 9780746074756
32 pages
204 x 150mm

Author/Editor: Catriona Clarke

Illustrator: Adam Relf

Reader reviews

my shark review
Sharks eat other fish like sail fish the whale shark eats plankton. Whale sharks are gentle giants. Millions of sharks are killed each year. Some types of shark are in danger of completely dying out if this is not changed.

Gunner Hayden, 3rd June 2008


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