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Illustrated dictionary of maths

Illustrated dictionaries and thesauruses
Illustrated dictionary of maths

  • An essential and informative maths study guide for SAT and GCSE students.
  • Arranged thematically to cover all aspects of the maths curriculum, from algebra to APRs, volume to vectors and trigonometry to transformation.
  • With clear definitions of mathematical terms and concepts, alongside colourful illustrations and diagrams to help clarify and explain each subject.
  • Includes over 100 worked examples to show how to put theory into practice, as well as internet links to recommended maths websites.


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Extra information

Age: 11+

ISBN: 9781409546962
128 pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: Kirsteen Rogers and Tori Large

Reader reviews

Not just for children
The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary books are excellent for adults who would like to get a clear sense of these scientific topics. The Maths one is no exception! Even though they are primarily written for children I never feel that the authors are "talking down" to me.

Michael, 7th October 2017
Amazing Book
This book is incredible! I am 15 years old and have Crohn's Disease, this means that I miss a lot of school and being in my first GCSE year, this is a real worry. I often miss days and very rarely complete an entire two weeks. Recently I have been off for about a month and, therefore, have had a lot of work to catch up. My mum gave me this book to help with catching up my maths work and I don't think I will ever look anywhere else when confused about something. The book is incredible! It has everything maths in there, you will always find what you need and when you do, the explanations are amazing. Often I am confused in class, but with the book I find it very easy to understand. Even as a student aiming high, don't think that this is for those that struggle, or are a bit younger, my predicted grade for maths is A-A* and I was worried I wouldn't achieve that with all my time off. Not anymore. I am now very confident of achieving that target. I am so happy with his book that I am going to buy the Triple Science copy to help with my science catch up. Unbelievable book, must buy for anyone, even at higher KS2 level, this will help a lot for SATS at the end of primary school, and it will certainly help again at the end of secondary school for GCSE's!!!

Jack, 19th February 2015
Illustrated dictionary of maths
I bought this book maybe 7 years ago, I was doing the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) online and was advised to buy a copy. I'm pleased I did, I have used the book no end, and now my eldest granddaughter is finding it very useful for her mock GCSE exams. It explains things easier and she has time to look at it and take all the information in. It is very good, I would recommend it to anyone.

amos, 1st June 2011
very good
Thanks to your hard work to produce very high quality scientific books. This really is an illustrated dictionary of maths, helpful, and very clear. Bravo.

wadi-16-tunisia, 19th August 2008
best book
This is a really good book for gcse's and really helps KS2-3 students understand maths. It is really good for students that struggle in maths. This maths dictionary does the job of a teacher. I really think this is a great maths dictionary.

ola, 31st January 2008


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