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Illustrated English dictionary

Illustrated dictionaries and thesauruses
Illustrated English dictionary

  • A comprehensive dictionary with over a thousand colour illustrations, over 10,000 entries and 25,000 straightforward definitions.
  • Fully revised and updated for 2014 and beyond, with new words added and redundant words removed.
  • Includes example sentences and pronunciation guides for tricky words, as well as information about the conventions of written English and a brief history of the English language.
  • An essential home or school reference book that is perfect for children beginning their SATs and similar exams.


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Extra information

Age: 9+

ISBN: 9781409535256
288 pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: Jane Bingham

Press reviews

A fascinating book to leaf through, with illustrations ranging from a motorbike with all parts labelled to an orange-kneed tarantula.
Newbury Weekly News


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