June's Book of the Month

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Brandy Burge, Independent Usborne Consultant

June's Book of the Month

1st June 2018

"If you think manners are old-fashioned, then that’s probably because you’re mistaking them for all sorts of rules about the correct way to eat peas and such like. Lessons at Miss Molly’s school will teach you otherwise. Here you’ll learn that good manners are all the big and little things you can do or say each day that show others you’re thinking about their feelings as well as your own. And if you remember them, you really can make life better for everyone."  READ MORE....

Miss Molly's School of Manners

Hardback: $17.95

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A charmingly illustrated picture book about a little raccoon called Algernon and his extraordinary day at Miss Molly’s school. Algernon’s manners are bad at first... but lessons in the Sharing Studio and Listening Carefully Lab, lunchtime in the Dining Hall, the Library’s lovely language books and Good Sports Day soon have a transformative effect.

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