March's Book of the Month

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Brandy Burge, Independent Usborne Consultant

March's Book of the Month

1st March 2018

Following the tremendous success of "What is poo?" and "What are germs?" here's the third title in the Very First Questions & Answers series.

What are stars? We see them twinkle in the night sky, but what ARE stars? 

We doodle and draw five or six-pointed stars all the time, and we decorate with pointy star shapes. We see them every day and admire them twinkling in the sky every night. Little children will discover that those tiny twinkly stars in the night sky aren't pointy at all. And they certainly are not tiny! 

This beautifully illustrated book explains how stars are actually firey massive burning balls and make patterns in the sky. Discover how the Sun is our nearest star, and how shooting stars aren't stars but actually whizzing lumps of space rock. Fascinating!

New in March 2018 - a sturdy board book features flaps to lift and find out more on every page.

What are stars?

What are stars?

Hardback:  $14.95

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