Help your child to read and write

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Brandy Burge, Independent Usborne Consultant

Help your child to read and write

1st April 2016

Say the sound: sssss
Write a big squiggly S in the air with your finger, and then on the page.

Simple instructions such as those above, as well as delightful and amusing illustrations can make a child's first attempt to read and write so much more enjoyable and rewarding. The activities in our new Wipe-Clean Phonics series are designed to help children learn the letter sounds, and the wipe-clean pages let them write the letters again and again.

Print off the spreads below and see how your little learner progresses with these sample letter pages.

Click to enlarge and print each spread


These are the first of four titles in our Wipe-Clean Phonics series as well as a collection of reading books and workbooks. Parents and teachers can also access online resources and activity sheets plus audio files of the letter sounds at


Take a look at all the new titles released April 1st.

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