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Beverly Docherty, Independent Usborne Consultant

Beverly Docherty

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To let you know a little about me, I am a mother of 3. My children are Elizabeth (20yo), Evelyn (4yo) and Corran (2yo)
I have always been an avid reader myself. And then my oldest daughter surpassed me in reading skill while she was quite young still. I enjoyed working with her as she grew in her skills.
Currently working with my second daughter, she has some delays and is learning at a slower pace. She is just in the beginning stages of learning to read and I am so excited to have Usborne books to help me this time.

I started selling Usborne books because I needed something to suppliment my income because I also love my regular job but I only work part time. When I decided to do an independent distributor type job, I knew I wanted to work with something that would help my children. When I stumbled on Usborne books I was soo excited! This is perfectly suited to me and my family and our needs right now and for years to come.

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