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Beverly's Book Barn

Beverly Docherty, Independent Usborne Consultant

November 2019

Top tips for writing a letter to Santa Claus

18th November 2019

Are your kids starting to get excited about Christmas? Writing a letter is an important skill and composing a message for Santa is the perfect way to encourage kids to have a go. Here are our top tips for children writing a letter to Santa, and decorated writing paper to download to encourage them.
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Why books make wonderful gifts

15th November 2019

Did you know there are more than half a dozen religious holidays celebrated in December and many of them include traditions of gift-giving? So, when you are thinking about the right present for the precious children on your list, consider this...
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Update on recall notice

4th November 2019

We have just received notice that the Health Canada recall announced last week does not affect any books sold by Usborne Books at Home independent consultants.
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November New Titles

1st November 2019

Take a look at what's coming on November 1st! You can choose from a handful of new fiction stories, and enough puzzles to fill your dining room table! See what else we have for the poets and technologists, music lovers and unicorn lovers, the littlest of babies and there's even something for tweens learning money-management...
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