New Consultant Qualification Period Extended

Beverly's Book Barn

Beverly Docherty, Independent Usborne Consultant

New Consultant Qualification Period Extended

1st November 2019

Are you signing up in November? Or are you sponsoring anyone yourself? You'll want to know this!

Anyone who signs up as an Usborne consultant at this time of year can get a great start with their business because of the busy Christmas season.

As an extra bonus, we have extended the qualifying period by 2 weeks for any new consultant whose sign-up date (processing date) was during the month of November! And for anyone who signs up in December, we will extend their qualifying period by 4 weeks!

This also means that if you sign up in November, you will also have an extra 2 weeks to achieve your Quickstart, and if you signed up in December, you will have an extra 4 weeks!