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Silvie Marshall, Independent Usborne Consultant

What's science all about?

What's science all about?
What's science all about?

  • An accessible and informative guide to physics, chemistry and biology, how they work and how they apply to everyday life.
  • Covers all the key science topics including electricity, the periodic table and the human body.
  • Includes simple experiments and internet-links to recommended websites to find out more.
  • Illustrated with humorous drawings, cartoons and diagrams.

This book contains the following Usborne titles: What's biology all about?, What's chemistry all about? and What's physics all about?


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Extra information

Age: 8+

ISBN: 9781409547082
288 pages
230 x 165mm

Author/Editor: Various

Illustrator: Adam Larkum


Winner - US Parents' Choice Silver Award
Parents' Choice said of What's Science All About?: "Using a kid-proven formula of combining academic subjects with everyday stuff, this 288-page book makes high-concept science relevant."

Press reviews

I enjoyed the book because it was helpful as a detailed summary of the three different sciences, helping me to understand things I couldn't originally get my head around. Its use of facts, pictures and short paragraphs made it easy to read. It was more entertaining and less tedious than a normal science textbook... The activities were simple and easy to achieve, with informative instructions that also make it easier to see what you are learning.
Morven (age 14), The Biologist


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