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How much can I earn

How much can I earn?

Depending on whether you are selling at home shows or community events (or taking direct orders) you can earn up to $27 for every $100 sold. Additionally, as your sales grow (and if you start to build a team) you will be eligible for bonuses and extra commissions, which start to add up pretty quickly.

Incentives for success

In addition to your earnings, Usborne Books at Home offers a variety of incentives to encourage you to continue to build your business and earn more money. These range from financial bonuses and lots and lots of free books, to President's luncheons, luxury events, overnight stays and once-in-a-lifetime trips around the world.

Build your business

If you’re ambitious and want to secure a full-time income, there is the potential for you to earn more money by becoming an Usborne Supervisor. I would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

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