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Events in schools

Events in schools

However big or small your needs, I can offer the best possible terms and service to all schools.

The big difference between what I can provide, compared to any other schools supplier, is that I will do all of the hard work so that you don't have to. Additionally I can meet with you to discuss your precise needs - be it materials to cover specific curriculum topics, reference copies for the classroom or restocking a whole library. In addition to this, I can help set up and manage community-based events to generate funds for the school to then use on books.

Here are a couple of examples of how I could help your school save money on their book purchases:


Ready, Steady…READ! and Ready, Steady… Listen! are pledge-based readathons that help raise money in order to stock bookshelves in libraries and classrooms. Free to set up, each read-a-thon can run for as long or as short as you prefer and can be themed around a topic of your choice. 100% of pledges go back to the school and the money is then used to buy Usborne books. Depending on the total amount pledged, I am also able to add additional free books to the amount. The end results? Lots and lots of Usborne books for your school and all without using a cent from your own budget.

Literacy fairs

A literacy fair is a display that I will set up at a school/organisation, where parents, students and staff have the opportunity to look at and order books. I will attend the fair for its duration, taking orders and handling all the paperwork. Your school or group can receive 25% of the overall value of books sold during the fair in additional free books. For example, if sales from the literacy fair exceed $500 your school will get at least $125 worth of free Usborne books! How does that sound?

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