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Free books and discounts

Free books and discounts

Whether it’s a community event or exhibit, an Usborne sponsored reading or listening event, or a literacy fair, customers can benefit from generous discounts, exclusive offers and lots of free Usborne books.

Great discounts for local communities

I can offer the complete Usborne range of over 2,000 titles when you order through me and can help you get even more books for no extra cost. Exhibits, conferences and fairs etc - I am able to order in the right books for your event and maybe even add up to 15% of the total order value in additional free books, as well as offering free shipping.

Savings for schools

School budgets and teachers' time are both so precious. My goal is to not encroach on either - instead providing a practical, helpful and enjoyable solution to getting more books into your students' hands:

Ready, Steady…READ! and Ready, Steady… Listen!, our sponsored read-a-thon packages, are excellent ways to introduce the importance of sharing books at home with parents. Every cent pledged is returned to the school - a 100% return to spend on Usborne books! And if total pledges exceed $500, I'll add an extra 5% to the total. Wow!

Literacy fair
In order to qualify for free books, the order must be at least $500. Then you can order an extra 25% of the retail value of the fair in free books – that’s $125 in free books, just to start... the sky is the limit!

Whatever the needs of your organisation, I can offer the complete Usborne range at incredible value.

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